Big Calendar version

A 3.1.2 version of Event Calendar with Big Calendar support is now available at

This version supports two methods of displaying a big calendar:

  • You can display a big calendar on any page or post by inserting the text [EC3BigCalendar] on the page.
  • You can create a page template that calls the big calendar function.  Copy your theme’s page.php and insert the following code:
    <div id="bigcalendar">
    <?php ec3_get_calendar("ec3default",1); ?>

Find more on setting up templates HERE.

You can see an example of the calendar produced at .

You may need to edit the CSS for this function to fit the appearance of your theme.

Be aware that this is NOT the main line development of Event Calendar.  Version 3.2 will have big calendar support when it is released, but until then, this allows you to have most of the benefits in 3.1.2 without waiting. This version has been tested with WordPress 2.6.3 and with 2.7.almost-beta.

WordPress will tell you that you need to update to 3.1.2, since that is the main line. If you rely on Big Calendar, don’t do it.  As always, direct questions and comments to the mailing list.

This version of EC3 uses code contributed by David Garlitz and Matthew Middleton. Thanks to them.

-_ Rick

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