Event Calendar 3 now “most popular” !

Congratulations to the recent community effort.  Due to all  your work, Event Calendar 3 now appears on the first page of “most popular plugins” at wordpress.org!  That’s quite an accomplishment for a plugin that’s been hosted on WordPress.org for less than a month!  Congratulations to you all!

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  1. alex says:

    It’s not very clear what “most popular” or “highest rated” actually mean.

    I think “most popular” is a measure of the number of downloads per day. Our downloads are high at the moment because we’ve just pushed out a release – that’s why I think we’ve got to the front page. We could probably game that system (and annoy our users) by simply releasing more often!

    It would be nice to have access to more refined data. I’d like to see how many new users we have, as opposed to upgrades. What versions are people upgrading from?

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