Advanced Queries

EventCalendar supports a few extra HTML parameters that allow you to customise the event posts that are listed. The results only show (upcoming) event posts, and they are always sorted with the nearest event at the top, and future events further down the page.

You might like to put links to these queries into your WordPress ‘links’ section.


Shows only today’s events.


Shows the next seven days of events. You can change the parameter value to show as many future days as you wish.


Shows all events on or after the day specified, or ‘today‘.


Shows all events on or before the day specified, or ‘today‘.

You can combine these last two to show only events in a particular range. For example…


…lists all events between 15th October and 15th November, inclusive.

[v3.2+] You can get even more control of how your posts are selected and sorted by using the ec3_listing parameter:

Only show events, sorted by start date. E.g. Combine this with a category or tags query to show only events in the category or tag.
Only show posts (filter out events). E.g. Combine this with ec3_before and ec3_after to search for posts made betweek two dates.
Show a mix of posts and events, sorted by post date & event start date.
Turn off Event-Calendar’s fiddling.


You can combine these queries with WordPress’ RSS or Atom feeds to make customised feeds. For example, this this an RSS feed that lists the next 7 days of events:


Subscribe to iCalendar

You can view the event calendar in iCal, Sunbird and other modern calendar applications. You can now subscribe to the calendar at the address:

http://blog.address/?feed=ical [v3.2+]
http://blog.address/feed/ical [v3.2+, with permalinks]
http://blog.address/?ec3_ical [v3.1-]