General Settings

The Event-Calendar Options. page is in the administration area. Click on Settings, and then click on the Event-Calendar tab. The following settings are available.

Event category:
Event posts are put into this category for you. Don’t make this your default post category.

Show schedule within posts:
Set this to show or hide the schedule box within posts.

Show events as blog entries:
Set this to Keep Events Separate in order to use the Event Category page to show future events, in date order. Events do not appear on front page.

Set this to your local timezone. Setting this allows exported iCalendar files to take proper account of daylight savings time.

Calendar Display Settings

The Calendar Display Settings are on the same page as the General Settings [in version 3.1] or in the Event-Calendar Widget settings [in version 3.2+]. These settings may also be applied to the “Big Calendar” in version 3.2+. The following settings are available:

Number of months: num_months=NUMBER
How many monthly calendars should be drawn by the calendar widget. This is useful for looking forward to upcoming events.

Show all categories in calendar: show_only_events=[0,1]
Choose whether the calendars should show all posts, or just events.

Show day names as: day_length=[1,3,9]
Day names in calendar can be shown in full (Monday, Tuesday, etc.), abbreviated down to 3 letters (Mon, Tue, etc.) or just one letter (M, T, etc.).

Show Event Calendar logo: hide_logo=[0,1]
Normally, a little EC logo is shown on the calendar.

Position of navigation links: navigation=[0,1,2]
The navigation links are more usable when they are above the calendar (0), but you might prefer them below (1) or hidden (2) for aesthetic reasons.

Popup event lists: disable_popups=[0,1]
When you hover the mouse over a calendar day, a popup usually appears listing the events (and other posts) on that day. Some Nicetitles scripts are not written to work well with others, so you might want to use this option to disable the Event Calendar popups if you have trouble.

The first day of the week is set on WordPress’ General Options screen.

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