Version 3.2.beta2

[DOWNLOAD] I’ve just released v3.2.beta2. This is a BETA release, so don’t use it on critical sites. Give it a go, and tell me what you think.


This version contains only bug fixes since the last development release 3.2.beta1.

  • Fixed processing of $options parameter in ec3_get_calendar() template function.
  • Removed unused ActiveXObject emulation. This was causing trouble for other JS, which used the presence of the window.ActiveXObject object as a form of browser detection.
    (Thanks to Helene Zisook Speer for reporting this problem.)
  • Fix for months with zero padding.
    (Thanks to Selene Tan for spotting the bug.)
  • Suppressed canonical redirection for feeds and any URLs that use ec3 queries.
  • Fixed formatting of events in popup. Consistent time format in big calendar.
  • Fixed double-encoded HTML entities in calendar tooltips.
  • More sophisticated reporting of start and end times for events that straddle midnight.
    (Thanks to Samuel Clemance for reporting all these problems.)
  • Don’t bother trying to generate schedule table or iconlets for non-event posts. Removed empty <table> elements that were causing formatting errors for some users.
    (Thanks to Jeff Dodson and Sandra Williams for reporting this bug.)

Bugs Outstanding

  1. At least two people have reported incorrect ordering of events that occur on the same day. This only seems to happen on the Big-Calendar.
  2. One person has reported a problem with the calendar navigation links, where the “previous months” link has the wrong label, like this…
      <<Jan   January, 2009   Feb>>
          wrong - should be "Dec"!

I’ve not been able to reproduce either of these problems myself. If you see these things yourself, then please post an example URL – the more reports I get, the more likely I am to be able to see the pattern and solve the problem.

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