Version 3.2.beta1

[DOWNLOAD] I’ve just released v3.2.beta1. This is a BETA release, so don’t use it on critical sites. Give it a go, and tell me what you think.


This version contains only bug fixes since the last development release

  • Much improved query support. Ordering of listings pages is now *much* more sensible. The post numbers reported by archive and category links now match the number of posts that actually appear on those pages.
  • New query variable: ec3_listing. Values are:
    events – only show events
    posts – only show posts (not events)
    all – show a mix of posts and events
    disable – turn off EC’s fiddling
  • Big Calendars (ta da!)
    Embed a big calendar in a page by adding a tag like [EC3BigCalendar]. You can specify options like this: [EC3BigCalendar:opt=val&opt=val] Supported options are:
    day_length : 1,3,9 letters
    hide_logo : 0,1
    navigation : 0 (above), 1 (below), 2 (off)
    id :
    num_months : 1..n
    show_only_events : 0,1
    The default (with no options set) is equivalent to: [EC3BigCalendar:day_length=9&hide_logo=0&navigation=0&id=ec3_big_cal&num_months=1&show_only_events=1]
  • Iconlets (dumb name?)
    This is a new default way to display event times in the post. It’s a lot nicer than the horrid old red boxes. The settings page now allows you to choose between the old and new style – the option is now called “Show times within post content”. We’ve had a lot of people obviously not understand what the old option did, so I’ve reworded it to be clearer. I realise that invalidates lots of translations, but I really think it’s worth it. What’s your opinion?
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