Development Discussions

Active discussions about the future of Event-Calendar are happening in the mailing list.  If you’re interested, or can contribute as a programmer or documentation person, join in.   You also might want to cruise through the mailing list archives

If you are interested in testing the future version of EC3, you can download the development version

But for goodness sake, DO NOT use that version on your live site. The development version is changing rapidly and may be seriously broken at any given time.  Still, if you like to read code, or want to help with documentation, download it to a test site and join in.  

Use this link for the current stable version. (as of October 2008)  

Note that the current stable version DOES NOT have the big-calendar mods incorporated.  If you need them, just wait.  3.2 is coming.  

(This post accurate as of 20 October 2008.)

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