Version 3.1.0

I’m pleased to announce the release of Event Calendar version 3.1.0. This is stable software that hundreds of people are already running on their WordPress web-sites.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed or reported bugs. Special thanks go to Darrell Schulte for the Event Editor and Widgets and K2 support, David Nutter for his version of the Event Editor, and to all of the translators. [more credits]

Main Features

Dynamic Ajax calendar that shows both events and normal blog posts.

List upcoming events, either in the sidebar or on a full page.

Simple to install and use. Create events using a new popup calendar on the post edit page.

Now fully supports WordPress 2.0.

Supports WordPress Widgets, so that you can add events to your sidebar without having to edit PHP files.

Subscribe to your events from iCal, Sunbird, Google calendar and other iCalendar-aware applications.

Fully timezone aware.

Translations available to Dutch, German, Finnish, French Norwegian and Spanish.

New Features in v3.1

This is a significant re-write. Event dates are now kept in their own table, so they are separate from the post date. There is a new Ajax interface on the post edit screen that allows you to set the event date.

Event dates are shown in their own little box at the beginning of event posts.

Multi-day events are now supported.

Timezones are properly supported, so eveything works properly for those unfortunate people who don’t live in the GMT timezone.

Translations are now available in the following languages:

Dutch nl_NL (by Gerjan Boer)
German de_DE (by Marc Schumann)
Finnish fi_FI (by Ralf Strandell)
French fr_FR (by Davy Morel)
Norwegian nb_NO (by Realf Ording Helgesen)
Spanish es_ES (by Maira Belmonte)

If you would like to make a new translation, then just make a copy of the file getttext/ec3.pot, and add your translated text. You can use the existing .po files as an example. Post your file to the mailing list and we’ll add it into the project.

Changes from 3.1._rc4

Finnish translation by Ralf Strandell.

Moved EventCalendar settings tab back under Options. Allows compatibility with WordPress-MU. (Reported by Mike Baptiste)

“Keep Events Separate” mode now keeps ALL events off the front page, not just those that are ONLY in the event category. (Reported by benchun. Yes I changed my mind and included this one for 3.1.)

Corrected translation from WordPress time offset to UTC timezone.

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