v3.1 Release Candidate 3

I’ve just uploaded Release Candidate 3. This only contains conservative changes, since I’m working towards an imminent release. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the beta versions and reported problems. Bugs would not get fixed without you guys.

If nobody finds any bugs in this release candidate, then it will become version 3.1.0 by this time next week.


(In RC2) Fixes PHP5 incompatibility.

Changes to advanced query syntax:
?ec3_after – NEW (equivalent to the old ?ec3_from)
?ec3_after=today – new ‘today’ syntax.

Now allows WP’s query_posts() to be called multiple times per page. Thanks to Jake McMurchie for reporting this bug.

Fixes ec3_get_events() so that it supports the $template_month and $month_format parameters. These were previously documented, but not actually implemented!

French translation. Thanks to Davy Morel.


There have been a couple of really good ideas floated over the last week or so. I’d love to add them, but they’ll have to wait for 3.2.

Karl Kolk suggested that the schedule box should be formatted like a page from a desk-calendar. I really like that idea, but it would delay the 3.1 release too much. It’s been nearly a year, and I want to push it out.

Great idea though Karl. I’ll have a think about it as soon as 3.1 is out:

Calendar Page

Diego Zamboni has posted a patch that allows event posts to be made though e-mail gateways and the like. The post text would contain a keyword that would be parsed and then made into a schedule. I don’t agree 100% with his suggested implementation, but the idea is great, and I’ll definitely put something like this in to 3.2.

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