v3.1 Release Candidate 1

I’m pleased to announce Release Candidate 1 of the new EventCalendar version 3.1. This is the product of nearly a year of development and testing.

Main Features

Dynamic Ajax calendar that shows both events and normal blog posts.

List upcoming events, either in the sidebar or on a full page.

Simple to install and use. Create events using a new popup calendar on the post edit page.

Now fully supports WordPress 2.0.

Supports WordPress Widgets, so that you can add events to your sidebar without having to edit PHP files.

Subscribe to your events from iCal, Sunbird, Google calendar and other iCalendar-aware applications.

Fully timezone aware.

Translations available to Dutch, German, Norwegian and Spanish.

Changes since 3.1._pre16

Easier to use (harder to get wrong!) interface on post edit page.

  • The “Schedule Editor” has been RENAMED “Event Editor”. Since its name now starts with the word “Event”, new users are more likely to associate it with the Event Calendar plug-in. Currently, many new users edit the “Post Timestamp”, presumably because “Time” sounds like it should be related to events in some way.
  • The (newly dubbed) Event Editor is now ALWAYS VISIBLE. New users often failed to notice that the new control appeared when they selected the event category.
  • The event category checkbox is now greyed-out. It is now managed by the Event Editor – when there are events the event category checkbox is ticked. When the post has no events the checkbox is cleared. This removes one whole step for the task of making an event post.

Added Spanish translation. Thanks to Maira Belmonte.

Smoothed the installation process:

  • Most of the plugin is now simply deactivated until an event category is chosen.
  • No more SQL errors when the plug-in is half installed.
  • No longer attempts to “upgrade” category #1 when newly installed.

Moved EventCalendar options screen from “Options” to “Plugins” section in the admin interface. This should make it easier to find the tab immediately after activating the plugin.

New ‘X days’ limit syntax for ec3_get_events().
Example: ec3_get_events('7 days')

Cut down readme.txt file to just the basics. Added pointers to full documentation on http://wpcal.firetree.net

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