The Development Version is ready for some testing.

If any of you are adventurous, then you could give my latest development version a spin. I’ve not tested it very thoroughly, but it all seems to be working. Changes are almost too many for me to list right now, but here are some highlights…

New *new* template functions, and event iterators.
calendar-sidebar.php & ec3.js:
Totally new calendar renderer. Allows multiple calenders per page.
feed-ical.php & feed-ec3xml.php:
These special outputs are now implemented as feeds.
Improved SQL code. Lists of mixed posts/events should now sort correctly. New query param: ec3_listing=yes|no – allows you to FORCE whether you want to see posts or not.
For example, try:



Experimental, non-working *sketch* of what a big calender renderer might look like.

Um, loads more, I’m sure. Most of the big changes are done now. However I will probably be tweaking the API a bit over the coming week or so. I want the new templates to be as easy to use as possible. They are still a bit clunky. Feedback welcome.


(But you should really be using the SVN, if you want to run code this experimental.)

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